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EU Summer Conference
June 21-23, 2015
Gut Ising by Chiemsee, Germany

Invitation Only

Held bi-annually in the US and Europe, these summer conferences bring together academics, practitioners, thought leaders and business leaders to explore key ideas--both conceptual and practical--related to high-performing organizational cultures. These working conferences are highly interactive, and leverage the different perspectives in the room to get new insights into successful practice, and the deep dynamics of great work cultures.

Culture can be a strategic competitive advantage. Many organizations have begun the journey to a high-performing organizational culture. Many are just beginning. These cultures are often studied by academics, and serve as the models for practitioners trying to effect improvement and change in organizations. In this conference, we will bring together about 30-35 interested and committed individuals to discuss what they’ve learned to this point, and the issues they see affecting organizations trying to build high-performing cultures.

The objectives of the conference are to bring together academics, business leaders, practitioners and thought leaders from Europe to explore issues and opportunities of developing high-performing organizational cultures, to create a deeper knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of vibrant and effective organizational cultures, and to build a foundation for future dialogue and learning about organizational culture.

More information about the agenda and presenters will be available soon.