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Summer Inquiry 2019

2018 Summer Inquiry Attendees

2018 Summer Inquiry Attendees

Park City, Utah
June 12-14, 2019
By invitation only.
Registration is required.

The Summer Inquiry is an annual exploration of topics related to high-performing organizational cultures. We invite business leaders, academics, practitioners, and thought leaders to engage in intensive and thought-provoking discussions: to share ideas, to share questions, and to be amazed at what emerges when you get 50 keenly interested folks talking about things that matter. We meet in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City at the Deer Valley ski resort. The sunshine, the cool mountain air, and the surrounding peaks all contribute to bold thinking!

The purpose of the Summer Inquiry is to inspire bigger, deeper, and bolder thinking. Attendees often create their own “To Do” list as a result of what stimulates them from the discussions and networking. But the Summer Inquiry is more about exploring, less about action planning.

Our focus for this year’s Summer Inquiry will be on the practices, principles, values, and fundamental assumptions of high-performing organizational cultures. We believe this theme will give coherence to our explorations, but allow a lot of room for different topics and perspectives.

Because we are committed to the depth of discussion that can take place within a more intimate group of participants, we limit attendance to about 50 or fewer. We are very gratified by the sense of community that has developed over the five years of the Summer Inquiry. We try to maximize this sense of community by having about 60% of the attendees from the previous year. And we try to refresh the ideas and input within the community by having about 40% of attendees be folks who did not attend the previous year.

If you think you might be interested in joining us, and can see yourself both learning from others and sharing with others, please join us!

Event Information

The Lodges at Deer Valley
2900 Deer Valley Drive
Park City, Utah 84060


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reserve your room at the Lodges with this
Reservation Link using the booking code WC@dvr0619
or you may call to book at: (855) 410-3337 using the same code
Room rates:
Hotel Room - $147 per night
One Bedroom Suite - $194 per night


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