Center for Innovative Cultures

Helping organizations thrive by unleashing the talent, passion, and potential of people at work

The Thrive Thrive Model

Our mission is to help organizations thrive, by unleashing the talent, passion, and potential of people at work. We stress that the purpose of a vibrant culture is to enable organizational success. And organizational success, we believe, is by tapping into the creativity, commitment, and discretionary energies of engage folks at work. So we're looking for a way to capture this both/and situation, where the organization thrives, and the individuals in the organization thrive, and we create a virtuous cycle where the organizational culture promotes a dynamic of organizational success and individual fulfillment.

We've captured our thinking in different forms. We have written a book The Thriving Organization that is our most detailed explanation of what we call the deep dynamics of high-performing organizational cultures. We've also created a one-page model we call the Iceberg Model that hits the main highlights. And we have a survey, based on the model and the book, that can be used to diagnose your organizational culture--and set a pathway for a journey to cultural excellence.